Monday, June 26, 2017

Blacksouls by Nicole Castroman

Finally reaching Nassau, Anne and her friends, Cara and Coyle Flynn, seek out their uncle, Alastair Flynn, for work and safety. Meanwhile, Teach’s ship, the Deliverance, is attacked by pirates. The captain refuses to fight and is killed, causing Teach to take command and save the ship. Because Teach’s actions can be interpreted as mutinous, Teach and faithful crew members are arrested once they arrive in Nassau. It seems even in the New World, innumerable forces are trying to keep Anne and Teach from being together. But they are determined to find a way, even if it means turning to piracy.

Castroman does not disappoint in her second Blackhearts novel. The suspense, unpredictability, and action is amped up when Anne and Teach enter the New World. Anne becomes a stronger character as she fights for her independence and Teach’s freedom. This is an ironic switch because Teach did the same for Anne while in England. Anne’s profound strength and courage is mostly due to Alastair's wife, Beth. Thanks to Beth, Anne has hope to be with Teach because Beth and Alastair have made a life for themselves in the Caribbean. However, racism, slavery, greed, and Old-World prejudices are still prevalent. When things finally fall apart in Nassau, Anne and Teach realize they must create their own world so they can be together.