Friday, September 26, 2014

Bliss by Kathryn Littlewood

Rosemary Bliss’s family owns a magical bakery and all the baked goods come from recipes in the secret Bliss Cookery Booke--a cookbook that has been in the family for many generations. When her parents go on a trip, Rose is given the responsibility to protect the sacred cookbook. Because she is in charge, Rose believes she’s mature enough to try out some of the recipes without parental supervision. Then an unplanned guest comes to visit: the motorcycle riding, fabulous baker “Aunt” Lily. Soon after meeting Aunt Lily, Rose feels like Lily may have ulterior motives for coming to the Bliss Bakery.

Littlewood has concocted an addictive and delicious new series mixing food, fantasy, and fun. But aside from the magic and humor, Rose’s growth as a character showcases what many successful coming-of-age stories include: doubting her abilities, yearning for parental love and respect, defying parental guidance, gaining confidence in her talents, failing at responsibilities, and paying the price for negative actions. Readers will see that because of experiencing all those positive and negative situations, Rose learns that the love her family is more important the fabulous life Aunt Lily seems to have. All this background to Rose’s character sets up a solid storyline for the rest of Littlewood’s debut series.

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