Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cartwheel: A Sequel to Double Eagle by Sneed B. Collard III

In the summer of 1975, two years after their Confederacy gold discovery, Mike and Kyle reunite to rescue Annie, Kyle’s sister, from her abusive uncle. The three runaway teens head to Denver to not only avoid the police but to pursue clues for a rare coin--the 1964 Peace Dollar. As the clues unfold about the coin, Annie reveals that she was never abused by her uncle. She only made up the story to get Kyle to take her away so they could be together again. When their uncle shows up in Denver, Mike frantically puts the clues together to find the missing silver dollar.

In this story, Collard takes readers along the back roads of the United States, visiting such places as Oneonta, Alabama; Warrensburg, Missouri; and Dodge City, Kansas. During this road-trip, Mike makes two important realizations about his life: first, his family situation is not ideal, but it is better than what Kyle and Annie face; second, his step-father and Annie's uncle are both bullies. Mike saw that bullies only go against someone emotionally weaker than themselves. When Mike realizes he is emotionally stronger than Annie's uncle, he confidently faces her uncle's threats head-on and leaves the victor. Fans of Double Eagle will enjoy this diverting sequel as they travel cross-country with Mike, Kyle, and Annie in a 1957 Bel Air.

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