Monday, September 8, 2014

Welcome to Children's Compass Chronicle

Welcome to Children's Compass Chronicle!

The reading world can be a hard place to navigate in finding a "safe harbor" for readers to explore. But from my years as a book reviewer for The Children's Book and Play Review, I can give you insights for a smooth and enjoyable trip through our literary world.

In most cases, I plan to showcase books not known to most of the public. Just because a book gets a lot of hype and attention, doesn't mean its an amazing read. Some of the best books I have read were books that I discovered on my own, without seeing any advertisements for them.

But along with showcasing great books, I want to acknowledge the authors who created them. Its amazing how these authors think! I'll delve into their writing process to help you see what makes these amazing authors tick! So on a monthly basis, I will showcase a different author and their books that I have reviewed.

If you want to see any of my past book reviews, check out the CBPR. But I will re-post many of them on this blog for you to discover the books that have inspired me.

I hope you enjoy the literary destinations ahead!

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