Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bite-Sized Magic: A Bliss Novel by Kathyrn Littlewood

Soon after winning the Gala des Gâteaux Grands baking competition, Rose is kidnapped by the Mostess Corporation owner, Mr. Butter. He forces her into remaking his snack cakes using the evil recipes found in Albatross’s Apocrypha. Mr. Butter hopes to ensnare consumers into becoming addicted, violent zombies to further the diabolical plans of the International Society of the Rolling-Pin.

The third book in the Bliss series keeps up the humor, magic, and fast-paced action found in the other novels. In this book, we see Rose wishing she didn’t have the life she led. But as Gus warns, Rose’s wishes come true in the wrong ways. From her trials, Rose realizes how baking defines her, positively affects her, and connects her to her present and past family. Rose would not have discovered those realizations until she was pushed to her limits within the make-shift prison of the Mostess' test-kitchen.

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