Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Seven Wonders Journals: The Select and The Orphan by Peter Lerangis

The Select:
Burton Friedrich Wenders is dying because, like many before him, he is a Select. Through his father’s research, they have learned of an island that could unfold the mystery of Burton’s condition. But disastrous problems plague their voyage, especially when they set foot on the island.

The Orphan:
Daria will do anything to keep her friends, Frada and Nico, safe. But with Frada dying and Nico arrested, Daria must tap into her courage, intelligence, and Select abilities to keep her friends alive.

Going along with the Seven Wonders series, Lerangis will publish supplemental journals written centuries before the Jack, Aly, Cass, and Marco enter the picture. The Select shows the discovery of the mystical island before the Karai Institute was founded. The Orphan gives Daria’s backstory before Jack, Aly, Cass, and Marco come into her life. These journals are fast-paced, suspenseful reads that add more clarity and richness to the Seven Wonders world. The next journal, The Key, will be released February 2015. 

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