Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Escape Under the Forever Sky by Eve Yohalem

Lucy feels trapped by her over-protective mother, the new American ambassador to Ethiopia. With her father constantly away on business, Lucy feels alone. To curb her loneliness, Lucy yearns to explore her Ethiopian surroundings. But her mother's political connections keep her at home under constant surveillance. Any chance Lucy has to get away she takes it. While sneaking out, Lucy is kidnapped by a renowned drug dealer. Lucy must control her fear to survive both her captors and the wilds of Ethiopia. 

Escape Under the Forever Sky is a story of willpower, courage, and determination. Lucy is both a complex and endearing heroine. At the beginning of the book, Lucy desperately wants freedom from the bonds created by her mother's job. But when she enters the dangerous world her mother is fighting against, she develops more understanding and love for her parents. Yohalem states in her Author's Note that the book is based on a true story of a kidnapped girl who was protected from her enemies by a pack of wild lions. But along with Lucy's character, Yohalem also paints a riveting and poignant picture of Ethiopia.  A great book for middle or high school students who enjoy African-based stories.

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