Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Youngest Templar: Trail of Fate (Book 2) by Michael Spradlin

After falling overboard, Tristan washes up on the shores of Southern France. He is discovered by a group of riders lead by Celia, a beautiful Cathar girl whose people are constantly attacked by the Catholic Church for their beliefs. Robard and Maryam meet up with Celia's group and are reunited with Tristan. After witnessing the persecution of Celia's people, Tristan, Robard, and Maryam all agree that they must stay to help defend them, even at the cost of delaying their Holy Grail quest.

Spradlin’s second book maintains the excitement, action, and suspense that started in the first book. But even though this book is a rousing adventure, the story itself has real heart and character depth. When Tristan is reunited with his friends again, he realizes the power and protection that comes from true friendship. This protective friendship is something he desperately needs while transporting the Grail through enemy territory. But that friendship is constantly threatened while Sir Hugh is in the picture. Readers will be glued to Tristan's story as he and his friends help Celia's people and keep the Grail away from Sir Hugh's greedy hands. The final book in the series is Orphan of Destiny.

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