Monday, January 5, 2015

Fablehaven by Brandon Mull

Kendra and Seth are sent to stay the summer on Grandpa Sorenson’s preserve called Fablehaven. But this is not an ordinary preserve. Fablehaven is the home to both good and bad magical creatures like centaurs, fairies, trolls, and demons. The preserve is relatively safe, but on Midsummer’s Eve demons trick Seth into letting them into his grandparents' house. Grandpa Sorenson is kidnapped and the evil creatures wreak havoc to the house. It is up to the children to regain control of the creatures on the preserve, find their grandfather, set their Grandma Sorenson free from a spell, and recapture an evil witch.

Mull’s story is imaginatively written with great characters and a well-paced, exciting storyline. Kendra and Seth definitely represent a realistic brother and sister relationship. When the two siblings are put into a problematic situation, they realistically make many mistakes until they can find a solution. Fans of Harry Potter, the Alchemyst, Percy Jackson, and Ranger’s Apprentice series will enjoy this new world where mystical creatures and magical artifacts take center stage. Fablehaven is an addictive introduction to Mull’s five book series.

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