Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Time Trapped by Richard Ungar

Caleb loves living with his newly adopted family in 1968, but his past life at Timeless Treasures comes back with a vengeance. At Uncle’s request, Caleb is kidnapped, returned to 2061, and has his memory restored. Uncle brought Caleb back to oversee the training of turning stolen children into time-traveling thieves. But Frank, Caleb and Abbie’s snatching peer, plans to eliminate Uncle and take over the company. To avoid being victims of a violent rebellion, Caleb, Abbie, and the children must make a risky escape through time with both Frank and Uncle at their heels.

Ungar’s sequel is just as riveting as the first book. Having the evil extremes brought out in both Uncle and Frank make this book even more unpredictable and intense. Caleb has no idea what Uncle and Frank will do next, which will also keeps readers on their toes. Besides the page-turning suspense, this series has similar themes to stories like The Traitor’s Gate or The Clockwork Three, except with a science-fiction twist. At times, the time-travel science is confusing or glossed over, but the driving plot and believable characters help pull things together into a satisfying conclusion.

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