Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Stealing Death by Janet Lee Carey

Kipp Corwin grew up listening to tales of the death rider, Gwali, and his soul sack, Kwaja. But Kipp actually witnesses Gwali and Kwaja when he comes too late to save his parents and younger brother from a fire. After his loss, Kipp vows to never let his loved ones enter Kwaja again. So with the help of a potion, Kipp steals Kwaja from Gwali. But once Kipp witnesses Kwaja's power, he searches for a way to destroy the soul sack and possibly stop death forever.

Carey is gifted in weaving together myths, cultures, and magic into a seamless and engaging piece of literature. Carey's inspiration for Stealing Death comes from African culture and European legends. This combined perspective gives the story a unique foundation for Carey's characters. The theme of seeing death as a positive thing is rare in young adult literature. Kipp has many fears about death. But through Kipp’s experiences, readers learn the need for death and the joy that occurs with life after death. Stealing Death is a very enlightening, beautiful, and original piece of literature. Good for ages 12 and up.

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