Wednesday, April 1, 2015

2015 Children's Literature Festival: Sneed B. Collard III's books

There were three authors/illustrators I saw at the 2015 Children's Literature Festival that we were unable to attend their presentations: Sneed B. Collard III, Brad Sneed, and Marie Smith. I have known these three amazing creators for many years. In the next three posts I will list the books they have published. Check them out!

First up is Sneed B. Collard III. He was the first author I showcased on my blog. Sneed has written a wide array of literature from non-fiction picture books to mystery YA novels. Enjoy Sneed's books!

Fire Birds: Valuing Natural Wildfires and Burned Forests (2015)
Technology Forces : Drones and War Machines (2013)
The CIA and FBI: Top Secret (2013)
U.S. Air Force: Absolute Air Power (2013)
Listen to Patriotic Music (2013)
Look at Cubism (2013) 
Sneed B. Collard III's Most Fun Book Ever About Lizards (2012)
Global Warming--A Personal Guide to Causes and Solutions (2011)
The World Famous Miles City Bucking Horse Sale (2010)
Many Biomes, One Earth (2009)
George Washington: Our First President (2010)
Cesar Chavez : the Farm Workers' Best Friend (2010) 
Phillis Wheatley: She Loved Words (2010)
Lady Bird Johnson: Keeping America Green (2010)
Jacob Lawrence: A Painter's Story (2009)
Sitting Bull: "Tatanka-Iyotake" (2009)
John Glenn: Hooked on Flying (2009)
Eleanor Roosevelt: Making the World a Better Place (2009)
Thomas Jefferson: Let Freedom Ring! (2009)
Teeth (2008)
Wings (2008)
Science Warriors: The Battle Against Invasive Species (2008)
Reign of the Sea Dragons (2008)
Pocket Babies and Other Amazing Marsupials (2007)
Abraham Lincoln: A Courageous Leader (2007)
Rosa Park: The Courage to Make a Difference (2007)
Sacagawea: Brave Shoshone Girl (2007)
Benjamin Franklin: A Man Who Could Do Just About Anything (2007)
John Adams: Our Second President (2007)
David Crockett: Fearless Frontiersman (2007)
In the Deep Sea (2006)
Shep: Our Most Loyal Dog (2006)
In the Rainforest Canopy (2006)
In the Wild (2006)
On Coral Reefs (2006)
The Prairie Builders: Rebuilding America's Lost Grasslands (2005)
One Night in the Coral Sea (2005)
A Platypus, Probably (2005)
Animals Asleep (2004)
Deep-Sea Floor (2003)
B is for Big Sky Country: A Montana Alphabet (2003)
Beaks! (2002)
Leaving Home (2002)
Firefly Biologist at Work (2001)
Making Animal Babies (2000)
Whale Biologist At Work (2000)
Lizard Island: Science and Scientists of Australia's Great Barrier Reef (2000)
The Forest in the Clouds (2000)
Acting For Nature: What Young People Around the World Have Done to Protect the Environment (2000)
Amazing Animals: Nature's Most Incredible Creatures (2000)
Animal Dazzlers: The Role of Brilliant Colors In Nature (1998)
Birds of Prey: A Look at Daytime Raptors (1999)
1,000 Years Ago on Planet Earth (1999)
Our Wet World: Exploring Earth's Aquatic Ecosystem (1998)
Montverde: Science and Scientists in a Costa Rican Cloud Forest (1997)
Animal Dads (1997)
Sea Snakes (1997)
Creepy Creatures (1997)
Alien Invaders: The Continuing Threat of Exotic Species (1996)
Our Natural Homes: Exploring Terrestrial Biomes of North and South America (1996)
Smart Survivors: Twelve of the Earth's Most Remarkable Living Things (1994)
Tough Terminators: Twelve of the Earth's Most Fascinating Predators (1994)
Green Giants (1994)

Dog 4491: A Mystery (2013)
Cartwheel: A Sequel to Double Eagle (2013)
The Governor's Dog is Missing: Slate Stephens Mysteries #1 (2011)
Hangman's Gold: Slate Stephens Mysteries #2 (2011)
Double Eagle (2009)
Flashpoint (2006)
Dog Sense (2005)

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