Saturday, April 25, 2015

On Meadowview Street by Henry Cole

Caroline just moved into her new home on Meadowview Street. While exploring her yard, Caroline notices a lone wildflower. She tells her dad to spare the flower as he mows the grass. He agrees but then Caroline notices even more wildflowers. With string and sticks in hand, Caroline creates her own wildflower preserve. Soon the yard is overtaken by wildflowers and the mower is put up for sale.

On Meadowview Street is a thoughtful story about the power readers have on transforming their environment. When Caroline moves to Meadowview Street, she wonders where the actual meadow is located. No meadow is found, until she keenly observes the signs of one in her yard. Through her care, determination, insight, and parental support, Caroline brings the meadow back to Meadowview Street. In Cole's acrylic illustrations, he starts off the book showing the banal setting of the cookie-cutter neighborhood with plain, white houses and stark green grass. But as Caroline saves the wildflowers, more colors and details enter the illustrations. But the end of the story, Caroline’s yard is an intricately illustrated pastoral scene. A story all should read who love and appreciate nature.

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