Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Trudy by Henry Cole

Esme is searching for the perfect animal to live on her grandparents' farm. After viewing several unsatisfactory candidates at the county auction, Esme spots Trudy--a brown and white goat. Immediately, a deal is struck and Trudy is taken to home with Esme. Together the two form a close, loving bond. Because of that bond, Esme notices an odd pattern in Trudy's behavior. Whenever snow is predicted, Trudy goes inside her small barn. News spreads about the weather-predicting goat and people come to see Trudy in action.

Cole's book is a sweet story showing the loving ties between humans and animals. Readers can relate to Esme's dilemma of finding just the right pet. For some its a dog, cat, or bird, but for Esme, its a sweet-mannered goat. Once Esme sees Trudy at the auction, it's friendship for life. Then when Esme gives Trudy her time and tenderness, Trudy rewards Esme with accurate weather predictions and another goat to love. Cole's illustrations, done in acrylic paint, add to the sentimentality of the story with his use of warm, bright colors. Trudy is a treat for all ages.

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