Friday, May 8, 2015

Livingstone Mouse by Pamela Duncan Edwards, illustrated by Henry Cole

Livingstone is an adventurous mouse. So when he is told to seek his own nest, Livingstone wants to pick the greatest place on earth to establish his new life. He asks his mother where he should go. She tells Livingstone to go find China. With his destination in place, Livingstone sets out on an unpredictable journey seeking a place to call home.

Livingstone Mouse is a  fun, surprising read with a great twist. At it's core, the story is about what to do when dealing with a major decision or change. For Livingstone, his courageous attitude helps him complete his life's journey because he takes chances, works hard, makes mistakes, keeps positive, seeks advice, and looks in unpredictable places for answers. Supporting the story, Cole's lively illustrations transform small, ordinary spaces into a vast, earthy, and unexplored world. If readers enjoyed reading about Livingstone's adventures in this book then check out the sequel, Bravo, Livingstone Mouse!, also created by Edwards and Cole.

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