Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sividious Stark and the Stadium Between Worlds by Greg Park

While hiding in the bushes from bullies, Sividious slams into a wounded winged creature, Aya, who gives him a high-tech lanyard before she is captured by aliens called Agents. The lanyard is an All Access Pass that transports the wearer to a special stadium deep within space. Sividious tells his best friend, Jackie, about his encounter with Aya and together they travel to the stadium to find her.

Park mixes the best elements of The Hunger Games with the complexity of Star Wars in his new YA science fiction series. Through his story, Park addresses important themes such as a children’s reaction to losing a parent, bullying, courage, and friendship. Sividious seems to not care what the consequences of his actions are with the bullies at school. But once he becomes involved with saving Aya, protecting Jackie, and seeing the corruption of the ruling aliens, purpose and drive come back into his life. He is then able to use his abilities of logic, and later magic, in positive and productive ways. Sividious Stark and the Stadium Between Worlds is a wildly creative, detailed, and fun read.

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