Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Silence of Murder by Dandi Dayley Mackall

Hope Long is truly feeling hopeless. She knows her brother, Jeremy, did not murder Coach Johnson. Yet everyone accuses Jeremy because he is mentally disabled and a selective mute. Because of his silence, Hope is the only person who will defend and protect her brother. With the help of her friend T.J. and the sheriff’s son, Chase, Hope searches for clues to prove Jeremy’s innocence.

Mackall has created an enthralling, realistic, and captivating mystery that will have readers up all night wanting to know the end. Mackall’s description of Jeremy is beautifully depicted in showcasing the innocence and intelligence of children with mental disabilities, while Mackell’s character of Hope is completely and refreshingly grounded in reality. Hope doesn’t develop into a world-class detective. She is just a sister wanting to free her brother and makes realistic mistakes along the way. This book reveals that a moment of stupidity can create everlasting consequences, but goes further than most YA mystery books to exhibit the full results of those consequences. The Silence of Murder is a ground-breaking achievement that will make readers anxiously anticipate what Mackall will write next.

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