Monday, July 6, 2015

The Thirteenth Princess by Diane Zahler

All her life, Zita never questioned her orphaned beginnings. But as she grows up working in the royal palace, Zita finally asks the staff about her mother. Zita's questions take her on an adventure that not only uncovers a royal lineage, but also reveals an evil curse laid upon the twelve princesses she serves and loves.
The Thirteenth Princess is an imaginative interpretation of Grimm's fairytale well-crafted by Zahler. Told from Zita's perspective, readers see Grimm's tale through the eyes of a forgotten sister rejected by her royal father. After accepting her rocky past, Zita sees that her disownment at birth can be the means of saving the princesses' future. Fans of Shannon Hale or Jessica Day George's work will enjoy this quick-paced and engaging fantasy read. Great for ages 10 and up. 

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