Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Seven Wonders Book 4: The Curse of the King by Peter Lerangis

After the Loculus of Healing is smashed, Jack, Cass, and Aly think that their quest is over. So the three tweens return home to live out their last months. But when Jack and Cass’s Loculus shards fuse together, they realize their mission is still possible. However, the Massa took the remaining shards back to their headquarters on Karai’s island. To get the Massa’s attention and be returned to the island, the three friends pursue the Loculus of Strength held by the statue of Zeus in Olympia. But it is far from being a simple snatch-and-grab. The statue comes to life and fights the tweens to keep the Loculus. After a humiliating defeat, Jack, Cass, and Aly are kidnapped by the Massa.

Warning! The Curse of the King may cause readers to stay up all night due to the book’s addictive plot and adrenaline-pumping action. Fans were left speechless when Jack destroyed the Loculus of Healing at the end of The Tomb of Shadows. But hope blooms in The Curse of the King when the Loculus’ shards heal themselves. This revelation jump-starts Jack, Cass, and Aly’s commitment to their life-saving mission. With time quickly running out, the threesome take greater risks in gaining an upper hand against the Massa. However, their risks come with grave consequences. Even though the books say “Seven Wonders”, Lerangis is graciously writing five novels to complete the series. The final book, The Legend of the Rift, will come out March 2016.

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