Monday, August 17, 2015

Seven Wonders Journals: The Key by Peter Lerangis

Ever since their mother died, Aliyah has watched her family fall apart. She lives in a hovel with her twin brother, Osman. Their treasure hunting father is rarely around, let alone sober. And since their mother's death, their father has been working for several shady men. When their father is commissioned to search the ruins of the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus for treasure, the twins decide to go with him. But their search turns into a nightmare when the twins and their father run into the zombie of Artemisia.

Lerangis creates an intriguing novella where readers follow the courageous, but desperate Aliyah as she tries to hold her family together through any challenge: alcoholism, criminals, treasure-seeking ferrets, backstabbing business partners, sibling stupidity, or crumbling zombies. Aliyah's character seems incredibly real and tangible from the words she writes in her diary. Lerangis proves he is a master writer in composing such an emotionally rich story in less than eighty pages. A great supplemental read to Seven Wonders Book 3: Tomb of Shadows.  


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