Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Princess Decomposia and Count Spatula by Andi Watson

Princess Decomposia is struggling to juggle the affairs of the kingdom, care for her hypochondriac father, and maintain positive relations with heads of state. This mountain of work gives her no time for herself. But Decomposia's life changes when she hires a new court chef, Count Spatula. Count Spatula is an imaginative cook who is just as sweet as his baked goods. Soon after he is hired, Count Spatula notices the strain Decomposia is under and gives her helpful advice to cut down on her load. Unfortunately, her father, King Wulfrun, is not happy with the budding relationship between his daughter and the new chef.

Watson's graphic novel is a quirky read showcasing the importance of family, friendship, food, and having fun. Readers follow Decomposia as she starts each day taking on the duties King Wulfrun is avoiding. Her love for her father keeps her from complaining and from shirking these royal responsibilities. But when Count Spatula arrives, he sees Decomposia's dilemma. He uses his cooking and listening skills to lighten her load. However, outlandish reports on the two friends cause the king to spring into unlawful action. This creates a rift between father and daughter. Again, Count Spatula comes to the rescue to save Decomposia and King Wulfrun's relationship. A great book to introduce readers into the graphic novel world. Appropriate for ages twelve and up.      

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