Friday, July 15, 2016

Five Kingdoms: Crystal Keepers by Brandon Mull

After a rocky arrival into Zeropolis, Cole, Mira, Dalton, and Jace join the local Unseen resistance. But consistent persecutions force the Unseen to go deep for their safety. Once they meet Mira, their main objective is to find Constance. However, Constance’s star is missing. Unseen leaders convince Cole to travel alone to Junction City and contact Queen Harmony.

The third book in Mull’s Five Kingdom series places our heroes in a science-fiction kingdom where magical energy is used to establish a technologically advanced world. Yes, the group’s mission is to save another princess, but Mull proves that even if his characters go on a quest to do repeated tasks, it doesn’t mean the plot is predictable or formulaic. Mull pulls out all the stops in Crystal Keepers.  A read worth the ride. The fourth book is Death Weavers.

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