Friday, February 17, 2017

Crown of Three: The Lost Realm by J. D. Rinehart

Escaping the zombie plagued Idilliam, Gulph finds a shaky sanctuary in the lost underground realm of Celestis. Meanwhile, the wizard, Melchior, arrives at the Trident camp and takes Tarlan on a journey to rejuvenate his wizarding powers. Once Tarlan leaves, Elodie’s adopted father, Lord Vicerin, attacks the Trident troops but Elodie pretends to turn on her soldiers to spare their lives. When Elodie returns with Vicerin, his true intentions are revealed.

More suspenseful adventures unfold as the royal Toronia triplets attempt to claim their prophesied birthright. But many insurmountable obstacles lie in their path to the throne: a zombie father, an undead army, a psychopathic adopted father, an unfeeling underground realm, and even more invading forces. However, as the problems get harder, the triplets’ inner powers get sharper. Gulph learns he can become invisible. Tarlan hones his skill to speak and gather animals. And Elodie’s gift of summoning ghosts may save her and her friends from Vicerin’s evil plans. What would have aided this series is a map showcasing the travels and locations of the triplets. This visual aid would have helped readers keep track of the triplets’ movements and better understand the distances they traveled while facing their different challenges.

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