Saturday, February 4, 2017

Pyramid Hunters: The Iron Tomb by Peter Vegas

Sam Force is dreading his yearly Cairo vacation with his Egyptologist uncle, Jasper. Upon his arrival, Sam learns Jasper is wanted by the police. Escaping the authorities himself, Sam uses his wits and three new mysterious friends to search for Jasper. Following coded clues left by Jasper, Sam learns about the Panehesy: a buried merchant ship that carried an ancient-Egyptian treasure. All along his way, Sam is threatened by a “Short-Haired Man” who also wants Jasper.

Vegas’s series is a modern “Indiana Jones” tale for middle-schoolers. Sam is an orphan who has lived most of his life at a boarding school. His only break are his trips to see Jasper. Unfortunately, these vacations are full of boring museums visits and long lectures about ancient Egypt. But when Jasper vanishes, Sam must recall the ancient Egyptian knowledge Jasper had been teaching him so he can decode Jasper’s messages. Of course, Sam can’t recall everything, but his new friend Mary becomes a valuable resource in more ways than one. The mythical basis of Vegas’s story is a little discombobulated and too hastily explained near end. However, Sam’s adventure of finding Jasper is very well crafted and incredibly suspenseful. The next book, called Pyramid Hunters: Bones of the Sun God, comes out in August.

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