Monday, October 20, 2014

The Princess of Cortova (The Silver Bowl #3) by Diane Stanley

Molly’s visions showcase a disastrous visit for King Alaric during his stay in Cortova. Alaric hopes to negotiate a marriage alliance with King Gonzalo’s daughter, Princess Elizabetta. But Alaric’s uncle, King Reynard, is also in Cortova seeking for a similar marriage alliance for his son. Tensions peak among the three monarchs when Molly is wrongfully arrested.

The final book in The Silver Bowl trilogy is a satisfying conclusion to the series. Stanley maintains the theme of using beautifully crafted objects as a foundation for each storyline. In this book, the Princess Elizabetta's chess pieces are used to describe the roles of major characters while the strategy of the chess game is used to foreshadow important plot developments. Overall this series has a Cinderella-style plot. But Stanley takes that typical Grimm tale and recreates by adding grittier magic, giving “Cinderella” a royal heritage, and introducing another love interest with Tobias. In these ways, Stanley makes this trilogy feel new and fresh.

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