Friday, October 17, 2014

The Cup and the Crown (The Silver Bowl #2) by Diane Stanley

Prince Alaric asks Molly to search for the loving cups created by her silversmith grandfather. Molly, Tobias, and their traveling party follow the trail of Molly’s grandfather, which leads them to Harrowsgode, a magic-based closed city. Once inside Molly is able to meet her regal relatives, including a cousin who is a gifted silversmith. But once inside the magical city, Molly and Tobias will never be allowed to leave.

Stanley’s characters from The Silver Bowl return again, this time exploring more of Molly’s magical family history. Molly always thought she was a fluke in her family tree. Once she arrives in Harrowsgode, she sees that her elite relatives are also magically gifted. But Molly still feels like an outsider because of her lacking education and backward manners. Even though the people of Harrowsgode kidnap her and force her into an education, Molly finally realizes her education is the key that will help her escape from the closed city. A great read with a wonderful heroine who leads readers through all the unexpected twists and turns.

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