Monday, November 17, 2014

Johnny Kaw: A Tall Tale by Devin Scillian, illustrated by Brad Sneed

Johnny Kaw is a six-foot-two-inch newborn who gains a pound every hour. Realizing their son is too big for their small-town lifestyle, Johnny’s parents hitch up their wagon and head west to Kansas. Once in Kansas, they settle down on a large farm that is spacious enough for their giant son to grow and accomplish amazing feats.

Devin Scillian and Brad Sneed have created a delightful picture book that showcases the beauties and legends of Kansas. Not only is Johnny Kaw a humorous tall tale, but it is also a heartfelt story that exhibits a son’s love for his mother. Along with the playfulness of Scillian’s story, Sneed offers his own whimsical additions to the plot. Within the illustrations, Sneed depicts the animals and plants of Kansas, even showcasing the mascots from two of Kansas’s major universities. This book makes a great resource for teachers and librarians doing units on tall tales or even teaching about Kansas.

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