Friday, November 14, 2014

Princess of the Silver Woods (Twelve Dancing Princesses #3) by Jessica Day George

While traveling to the Grand Duchess’s estate, Petunia’s coach is held-up by the Westfalin Wolves and she is abducted by their leader, Oliver. He regrets abducting Petunia and returns her to the Duchess. But Oliver secretly watches over Petunia and he witnesses shadowy spirits terrorizing her at night. Oliver leaves to meet with Petunia's father, King Gregor, to turn himself in and report about the spirits. Once Petunia’s sisters and brothers-in-law hear Oliver’s news, they rush to Petunia's side, but a trap is waiting for them.

The final installment of the Twelve Dancing Princesses series is a great finish to George's retelling of the classic fairy tale. This time, more back-story is included on why Kingdom Under Stone was created and how the dark princes came into being. Besides the added back-story, George has weaved in the common features found in the little red-riding-hood tale. This time the “wolf” is the hero and “red-riding-hood” is a not-so-easily-deceived princess. From this series, George has proven that she is an expert at re-crafting fairy tales into cohesive and inventive stories with heightened adventure, like-able characters, and lovely romances.

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