Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Princess of Glass (Twelve Dancing Princesses #2) by Jessica Day George

For three years the princesses of Westfalin have tried to mend relations with the surrounding kingdoms. Ever since their curse caused the death of several princes, tempers have run high against their kingdom. By letting the princesses participate in an “exchange program,” Westfalin hopes to mend the damage caused by their curse. Poppy, now sixteen, is sent to Breton. While staying with her cousins there, she sees the similar signs of a curse laid on a young maid named Eleanora. When Poppy investigates Elenora’s curse, Poppy must face her own demonic nightmares with courage and ingenuity.

George’s story is a unique twist on the Cinderella fairy tale. George portrays the fairy godmother as a vengeful creature and “Cinderella”, or Eleanora, as a bitter and disappointed girl. The only criticism of the book is that sections detailing the godmother’s past and breaking her curse seems rushed and unexplained, as if the story was hurriedly written. Otherwise, it is a great read for those who enjoy fairy tales written from a new angle. The final book in George’s Twelve Dancing Princesses series is Princess of the Silver Woods.

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