Friday, November 21, 2014

One-Dog Sleigh by Mary Casanova, illustrated by Ard Hoyt

The characters from One-Dog Canoe return, but this time the little girl and her dog go out for a sleigh ride in the woods. As she and her dog drive through the snowy forest, all the creatures they come across want to hitch a ride. The girl reluctantly lets them board, but the sleigh gets stuck in the snow from too many passengers. With a possible blizzard coming, she and her new woodland friends must work together to get her, her dog, and her sleigh safely home by nightfall.

One-Dog Sleigh is another successful picture book that showcases the best of Casanova’s and Hoyt’s literary teamwork. Casanova’s text and Hoyt’s illustrations create a rhythmically and visually cohesive picture book. Unlike most rhyming picture books, Casanova expertly rhymes the whole story without any part feeling awkward or disjointed. Hoyt’s watercolor illustrations not only bring whimsy to Casanova’s story, but they also bring added flow, emotion, and depth to the plot. One-Dog Sleigh is a fun read-aloud for any age group.

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