Monday, November 24, 2014

The False Prince (Ascendance Trilogy #1) by Jennifer A. Nielsen

Fifteen-year-old Sage and three other orphan boys are bought by the regent, Bevin Conner. Conner’s purpose for buying the boys is to pass one of them off as the lost prince of Carthya, since the remaining royal family was recently murdered. But Conner's plan to put one of them on the throne is not for patriotic reasons and Sage knows this. But when one of the boys is murdered on Conner's orders, Sage and the two boys must fight for their lives as they compete for the throne.

Nielsen’s story mimics such classic tales as Anastasia, The Prince and the Pauper, and The Prisoner of Zenda. But what makes Nielsen's story standout is Sage’s character. Sage has a gift of seeing the truth behind people’s words and actions. Even though Conner claims that putting a false prince on the throne is “righteous”, Sage can see that Conner wants to rule the kingdom himself. But Sage does not keep this information to himself. He openly states the truth, even at the cost of his life. Nielsen beautifully showcases Sage’s grown from his time at the orphanage to accepting his royal destiny. This is the first book in the Ascendance Trilogy. The next book in the trilogy is called The Runaway King.

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