Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Runaway King (Ascendance Trilogy #2) by Jennifer A. Nielsen

During his family’s funeral, King Jaron is threatened by Roden, one of the boys also trained by Conner. Roden—now in league with the pirates who failed to murder Jaron four years earlier—warns Jaron that the pirates will destroy Carthya if Jaron doesn't surrender himself to them. Jaron secretly runs away, disguised again as Sage, to the pirate’s camp. With a reckless plan in his head, Jaron will do anything to save his country, his friends, and his throne.

Nielsen continues on flawlessly with Jaron’s story in The Runaway King. As the book begins, Jaron has fully accepted his duty as king, in some ways: his curt tongue and impetuous attitude cannot be curbed. Once he flees the castle, Jaron easily assumes to his "Sage-persona" as he makes his way to the pirates' camp. Yet his mission at the camp isn't only about stopping the pirate conflict. As he investigates the pirates’ threats, Jaron sees war brewing between his kingdom of Carthya and King Vargan’s kingdom of Avenia. Along with a future war, Jaron also uncovers a high ranking traitor in his court who is the true murderer of his family. The final book in the trilogy is The Shadow Throne.

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