Wednesday, December 10, 2014

On Little Wings by Regina Sirois

When Jennifer stumbles upon an old photo of a familiar-looking girl, she discovers an aunt and a life her mother has hidden from her for sixteen years. Jennifer secretly contacts her aunt, Sarah, and buys a plane ticket to visit her. Her parents reluctantly grant Jennifer permission and she travels to Sarah’s home in Maine. Once there Jennifer starts to unfold the truth of her mother’s and aunt’s lost past.

On Little Wings is an uncensored voice of a teenage girl struggling to understand herself, her family, and her first love. As the book opens, readers meet Jennifer—an insecure, Nebraska teen whose world is shattered by a single photograph. But this picture gives her the courage to uncover her mother’s history. To help illustrate the emotional state of Sirois’ three main characters, Sirois has them meeting every evening to quote their favorite poetry. Readers will be re-introduced to such prolific poets as Dickinson, Longfellow, and Tennyson as their words add greater depth to Jennifer’s story. On Little Wings is a heart-wrenching but hopeful coming-of-age story for readers fourteen and up.

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