Friday, December 12, 2014

Storyteller by Edward Myers

Jack is a farm boy gifted with telling stories. At seventeen Jack leaves home to seek his fortune as a storyteller in the royal city. Soon after his arrival, a lucky coincident causes Jack to become the king's royal storyteller. But Jack’s life takes a shocking blow when the king unexpectedly dies and his spoiled son, Prince Yoss, succeeds his father. Once on the throne, King Yoss and his right-hand man, illusionist Zephyrio, attempt to brain-wash the kingdom into thinking that Yoss will make all his subjects' hardships disappear. Jack, his talking bird, Loquasto, and the king’s sister, Princess Stelinda, must work together to stop Yoss and Zephyrio’s evil plans.

Myers weaves a beautifully complex tale with Storyteller. In many ways, Myers work is reminiscent of such YA fantasy authors like Avi, Lloyd Alexander, Susan Cooper, and Shannon Hale. Storyteller has all the right ingredients for a successful fantasy: heart-pounding adventure, witty humor, blooming romance, and mesmerizing magic. Yet there is great depth to the story as Jack struggles through his hardships to save both the kingdom and girl he loves. A satisfying read for ages twelve and up looking for a stand-alone book.

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