Monday, December 15, 2014

Shayla Witherwood: A Half-Faerie Tale by Tamra Torero

Shayla Witherwood is half-faerie, half-human. For most of her life, Shayla has been raised and educated by her human grandparents. Once Shayla turns sixteen and her grandfather passes away, her grandmother decides that Shayla is ready to face the real world by entering high school. Shayla is able to make friends quickly and begins living a semi-normal life, if she can keep her faerie powers under control. But when a mysterious new girl shows up at school, Shayla's human and faerie worlds come crashing together.

Torero weaves together a witty, wholesome, and heart-felt story in Shayla Witherwood. Even though Shayla has not lived a “normal” lifestyle, readers can still identify with Shayla’s character as she faces many firsts in her life: making new friends, entering a new school, dealing with teachers, or having a crush. Like the Harry Potter series, this story is another clever re-imagining of many classic magical elements: fairies, witches, wizards, etc. Shayla Witherwood: A Half-Faerie Tale is a fun read for ages twelve and up.  

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