Monday, February 9, 2015

Peak by Roland Smith

When fourteen-year-old Peak Marcello is caught scaling the side of a skyscraper, he is sentenced to serve probation with his absent, rock-rat father, Josh. Josh pushed for Peak to go with him so that Peak could become the youngest person to climb Everest. After traveling around the world, Peak ends up at Everest’s Base Camp. Once there, Peak begins his rigorous training in hopes of completing the climb before his birthday. But as Peak gets closer to Everest's summit, Peak starts questioning his father's motives.

Smith writes his story through the eyes and emotions of Peak Marcello. Not only does Peak tell about his own travels, training, and troubles, Peak also talks about his background and relationship issues with his attention-seeking father. After his skyscraper-climbing stunt, Peak can see that he is heading down a similar negative path as his father. By questioning the climb, Peak can see it will determine his future. Besides learning more about Peak himself, Peak also describes a climber’s life on Everest, detailing the special training and camps all climbers must complete before heading to the top. A fascinating, eye-opening book that any reader, age 10 and up would enjoy.

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