Monday, February 9, 2015

Storm Runners: Eruption by Roland Smith

After surviving a hurricane in Florida, Chase, Nicole, Chase’s father, and his construction team head to Mexico to tract down the lost caravan of the Rossi Brothers’ Circus. An earthquake destroyed several roads there, making it impossible to search the area for the caravan or for survivors. Because of the earthquake, a local volcano is threatening to erupt at any time, possibly before any survivors can get out. As Chase’s group travels towards the last location of the circus caravan, Chase is again separated from his father and mugged by looters. With no way to communicate with his father, Chase must rely on his survival skills to not only help himself, but to also aid a stranded village in the volcano’s path.

With Eruption Smith does it a third time in keeping up a seamless, pulsing pace that will leave readers in breathless suspense for Chase, his father, and his friends. With each disaster Chase faces, he tests his limits and learns from his mistakes in sometimes painful, life-threatening ways. Aside from the surviving these natural disasters, Chase and his father finally resolve their issues because they realize how much they love and need each other. A fantastic series for ages 8 and up.

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