Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Storm Runners: The Surge by Roland Smith

After twelve hours of walking through a hurricane, Chase, Nicole, and Rashawn arrive at the Rossi Brothers’ Circus property. But they are far from being safe: two wildcat cages were damaged during the hurricane letting both a leopard and a lion escape. The only somewhat safe place for the storm’s survivors is a large warehouse that is currently housing an antsy, pregnant elephant. To keep everyone safe, Nicole and Chase must work together to secure the warehouse from the lion, the leopard, and the surge.

Smith flawlessly continues with the thrilling story he began in Storm Runners. This time, the storm is not the only obstacle. Readers will race along with Chase and Nicole as they find the courage to battle both deadly weather and man-eating animals. Chase combines his storm survival skills with Nicole’s circus know-how to capture both a leopard and a lion, all with limited adult supervision. But while Chase and Nicole are securing the storm’s survivors, readers will learn more about Chase’s father as he tries any way he can to get to Chase’s side. The final book in the Storm Runners' trilogy is Eruption.

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