Monday, February 2, 2015

Storm Runners by Roland Smith

Chase Masters and his father live an unsettled lifestyle as storm runners. When they hear of a predicted hurricane in Florida, Chase and his father drive their RV home and portable construction business to the winter quarters of the Rossi Brothers’ Circus. While Chase’s father prepares locals for the storm, Chase attends school with Nicole Rossi. But when the storm’s condition becomes threatening, school is cancelled and students are sent home. As Chase, Nicole, and another girl--Rashawn--are being driven home, the bus driver dies and the bus is overturned on washed out roads. Chase must rely on his storm skills to help them all survive the life-threatening weather.

Smith writes a riveting, adventurous start to the Storm Runners trilogy. Even though the story’s focus may be on the non-stop suspense and nail-biting danger of the hurricane, Smith creates an inner storm raging inside of Chase’s character. Ever since Chase lost his mother and sister and his father was struck by lightning, Chase has felt abandoned. When his father took on the personal crusade to become a storm runner, Chase had no choice but to join him and leave behind his memories of home. Yet when Chase is faced with surviving a hurricane on his own, he realizes his love for his father and hopes he can rekindle their relationship. The next book is called The Surge.

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