Monday, February 23, 2015

Perfect Scoundrels: A Heist Society Novel by Ally Carter

The death of Hale’s grandmother, Hazel Hale—owner of the billion dollar Hale Industries—pulls Kat Bishop away from her comfortable heist-life and into Hale’s ritzy, back-stabbing world. When Hazel’s will states that Hale will inherit Hale Industries, Kat can naturally smell a con. Her suspicions are confirmed when Hazel’s maid, Marianne, approaches Kat about how Hazel’s will is wrong. Using her heist crew, Kat finds the correct will but the person behind the con gets to it first. Kat and Hale must expose the con artist or Hale Industries will be no more. 

Carter’s third Heist Society novel is a more emotional piece than her other books. When Hale loses his grandmother, Hale pulls away from Kat as he reenters his world. To Kat, it seems that the charming and charismatic Hale she loves is lost among his snobby, money-grubbing family members. Hope and their strong friendship are the two things Kat holds on to as she waits out Hale’s grieving. But Kat won't just sit and wait. She uses all her family resources to expose the culprit behind the con. Even though this is a more emotional book, Carter still maintains her expert flare for clever cons and intelligent deception. A rousing read great for ages 12 and up.

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