Saturday, February 21, 2015

Uncommon Criminals: A Heist Society Novel by Ally Carter

During Kat’s investigation into the overlord’s missing paintings, the name Visily Romani was at every corner. Visily Romani is a prestigious pseudonym used only by the greatest and most skillful thieves in history. Soon after her Henley heist, Kat is approached by an old woman carrying Romani’s business card. The woman asks Kat to steal the Cleopatra Emerald—rumored to be cursed—because it rightfully belongs to her family. With Hale’s help, Kat steals the emerald. However, returning the emerald to the woman creates more problems than Kat ever imagined.

Carter creates another amazing edge-of-your-seat read. In this second book, Kat’s character becomes more complex and intriguing. Since the first book, Kat is riding on the successful Henley heist by doing many dangerous jobs on her own. But her family and friends see that she’s isolating herself from others through her pride. By making the jobs define her, she is beginning to lose her true self. This book can create some great discussion topics: like what happens when you let success completely define you and comparing and/or contrasting Kat’s character against the con artist, Margaret Gray.

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