Thursday, April 30, 2015

I Took a Walk by Henry Cole

Leaving home, a boy goes for a long walk through the woods, into a meadow, by a stream, and near a pond. He stops at each place and quietly sits. As he silently views his surroundings, the boy lists all the wildlife and insects he sees living in each of the four habitats. Once he leaves a location, he wonders which animals are watching him.

Cole's I Took A Walk is a series of lushly detailed snap shots of the natural world. In each of his acrylic illustrations, Cole portrays the boy's world teeming with creatures and plants. In many ways, this is an "I Spy" story where readers find the animals, insects, and foliage the boy sees at each of his stops. At the end of the book, Cole provides pictorial keys to help readers identify each of the items on the boy's lists. Cole suggests readers can get their own taste of nature if they will quietly look and listen in the environments surrounding them. A great book for young readers enthusiastic about nature.

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