Friday, May 1, 2015

The Littlest Evergreen by Henry Cole

An evergreen tree recounts its long, surprising life. This evergreen started as the smallest sprout. Its determination to live helps the evergreen's roots spread deep and flourish on a peaceful hillside. But when autumn comes, the littlest evergreen is uprooted and sent to be sold as a Christmas tree. But when a family sees the evergreen, it's up to them whether to give this little tree a second chance at life.

Even though this book is packaged like a Christmas tale, it's far from a holiday story. The Littlest Evergreen is a sentimental book about finding second chances in the most unlikely of places. Even though the littlest evergreen is taken away from its home, it doesn't mean the evergreen's life is at an end. Only through a considerate family is the littlest evergreen given a second chance at a new life in a new home. A sweet, heartfelt book great for all ages. 

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