Friday, May 29, 2015

Glacier National Park: Going to the Sun (Adventures with the Parkers) by Mike Graf, illustrated by Marjorie Leggitt

Mom, Dad, Morgan, and James are spending their vacation at Glacier National Park in Montana. Through keen planning, the family goes on several hikes inside the park to experience the glory of the vanishing glaciers and the views of the spectacular wild mountains and lakes. Near the end of their trip, a natural wildfire causes problems for the Parkers when it separates Dad from his wife and kids.

Graf's book is a quick, fun read with stunning photographs showcasing the beauties of Glacier National Park. Through the Parkers, readers get to experience what a visit to Glacier would be like. But alongside the Parkers' story, Graf adds in adventures with the park's wildlife. These nature snapshots can teach young readers what life is like for wolves, bears, moose, and eagles living in the park boundaries. Graf's National Parks series is a great resource for kids to get them interested in visiting these national wonders and appreciating the parks' value. Great for ages eight to twelve.

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