Saturday, May 30, 2015

Marco Polo by Demi

At the tender age of seventeen, Marco Polo travels across the world with his father and uncle to serve the emperor of China. Through many hardships and adventures, Marco gains the emperor's favor and becomes his ambassador. Even though Marco is very successful, he still yearns for his home in Venice. After seventeen years of waiting, the emperor finally grants Marco's wish. However, once Marco returns home, he is entangled by the Genoa war.

Demi writes and illustrates an engaging depiction of Marco Polo's life in his stunning biographical picture book. The world is familiar with Marco Polo's life because of his imprisonment during the Genoa war. While in prison, he entertained his inmates with tales of his adventures in China. His stories lead to the creation of The Travels of Marco Polo. To extend the exotic element of Marco's life, Demi uses Chinese inks and gold overlays for the main illustrations, along with intricately patterned embroidery on silk. A fascinating introduction for children to the life and influence of Marco Polo.

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