Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tutankhamun by Demi

Tutankhaten is born to Pharaoh Akhenaten and his minor queen, Kiya. Nine years later, Akhenaten dies leaving his son the throne. Because Tutankhaten is too young to rule, two men, Ay and Horemheb, rule in his stead. Both men try to influence the young pharaoh towards their differing religious beliefs. Horemheb sways Tutankhaten enough to have him change his name to Tutankhamun to honor the sun god, Amun: a god Akhenaten banished all his subjects from worshipping.

Tutankhamun is more than a biographical picture book describing the young pharaoh's short life. Demi takes readers back several generations to describe how royal power and religious beliefs affected Tutankhamun's reign. To illustrate Tutankhamun's life, Demi's models her images after the silhouettes, lines, patterns, and colors found in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, jewelry, and sculptures. But Demi takes the Egyptian theme even further by applying mediums commonly used within that geographical location. A beautiful resource to introduce young readers to the world of ancient Egypt.

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