Friday, June 5, 2015

Genghis Khan by Demi

As the son of tribal leaders, Temujin grew up hunting, riding, and training to fight. When Temujin was nine-years-old, his father was unexpectedly poisoned leaving Temujin to become the leader of a large Mongol tribe. Proving himself through acts of courage, wisdom, and harsh loyalty, Temujin fought his way to become the commander of the world's most powerful army. His army ended up conquering much of Europe and China. Few people knew him as Temujin because he was known throughout the world as Genghis Khan.

This new edition of Demi's biographical picture book (previously published as Chingis Khan in 1991) is a dazzling interpretation of Asiatic art. In the style of woodblock prints and brushed color familiar to Asian culture, the pictures benefit from an extra element of metallic overlay which gives the images an authentic gold-leaf embellished feel. Demi's Asian interpretation goes so far as to include traditional red ink signature stamps, marking her work and adding legitimacy to the images. Genghis Khan is an excellent simplified historical text with stunning images. A great resource for ages 8 and up.

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