Monday, June 8, 2015

Murder at Midnight by Avi

Fabrizio has lived his life as a beggar on the streets of Pergamontio, Italy. But an amazing encounter changes Fabrizio's life forever as he is offered a chance to be a servant for Mangus the Magician. Soon after Fabrizio takes on his new life, news spreads throughout the court that someone is plotting to overthrow King Claudio. Unfortunately all the rumors point to Mangus as the main suspect. To save his master and his own life, Fabrizio must find and collect clues to solve the mystery and uncover the real traitor.

An original mix of medieval magic and detective novel, Murder at Midnight is a suspenseful, page-turner for any fan of mystery or fantasy fiction. Even though Fabrizio had a hard life on the streets, his street-smarts can be the means of his and Mangus's salvation. A prequel to Avi's 1999 Midnight Magic, this story explains what brought Mangus and Fabrizio together and how Mangus stopped practicing magic. Besides it being a great read, Murder at Midnight showcases what life was like during the introduction of the printing press. Murder at Midnight can be a satisfactory read-alone or, with Midnight Magic, an engaging, short series for young readers.

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