Friday, June 19, 2015

Lady Macbeth's Daughter by Lisa Klein

Macbeth has seen the soothsaying sisters and they have foretold that Macbeth and his wife, Grelach, will have many sons. However, when Grelach bears a crippled girl, Macbeth wants to leave the newborn to the wolves. However, Grelach's lady-in-waiting, Rhuven, takes the baby to her soothsaying sisters Helwain and Geillis. They call the girl Albia and raise her as their own. But Albia's bloodstained heritage eventually comes out when Macbeth becomes king.

Klein creates another intriguing Shakespearean-based tale with Lady Macbeth's Daughter. This story is told from Albia's perspective as she witnesses the downfall of her power-hungry parents, hoping their madness will not trickle down to her. Besides adding a new character, Klein also gives more background as to why Macbeth wanted to become king. Beautifully written and incredibly imaginative, any fan of Shakespeare would enjoy Klein's spin on this classic play. A note to parents: because of the gruesome content of the play, this book is more appropriate for ages 13 and up.  

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