Monday, June 29, 2015

Baseball Is. . . by Louise Borden, illustrated by Raul Colon

Baseball is a complex sport riddled with rich history, monumental players, and loyal fans. But baseball is more than just a game. Baseball creates memories for it's fans with sitting in the bleachers, listening to commentators, cheering for a team, eating peanuts and hotdogs, singing familiar songs, and watching the American flag wave over the field. Baseball is an integral part of our culture that all are welcome to experience.

Borden's succinct, poetic words and Colon's colored pencil illustrations capture the purity of the all-American sport. Borden highlights baseball's memorable past, engaging present, and promising future in catchy prose, mimicking the pace of the game itself. Any fan--old or young, pro or rookie, boy or girl--will have their appetite for baseball quenched as they read Baseball Is....         

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